“But I can’t draw.”

Dear Prospective Iconathon Attendees,

I see some of you get excited about the Iconathon, and then proclaim that you can’t draw. Do not worry, it is OK that you can’t draw.

In “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain“, Betty Edwards mentions something to this effect: most of us stop drawing by the time we are teens, for various reasons including disappointment that we can’t draw things in a realistic manner. So, as adults we still draw like 10 year olds. Or, for some of you, 5 year olds. 😉

You can still come to the Iconathon, even if you still draw like a 5 year old.

Take Matt Lewis for example:

Matt loves the NounProject.

Matt is the world’s biggest fan of the NounProject. And in fact, he is fully responsible for finding the NounProject on the internet and showing all of the other fellows, as he would like to remind you. And he himself said he can’t draw.

However, people like Matt are still valuable Iconathon attendees: Matt has opinions.

All you need to participate in the Iconathon are common sense opinions, the ability to search for images on Google Images, and the ability to make horrible stick figure drawings. A passion for giving back to our cities and playing nice with others is also desirable.

Most of the Iconathon will be talking and sketching/scribbling ideas for images than can represent a concept. Have a look at our practice run to see that our sketches are not very fancy… yet.

By coming to the Iconathon, you will have the opportunity to collaborate alongside trained artists. Everyone will be able to see different kinds of tools, and different approaches to drawing & breaking ideas apart.

There might even be other people who can’t draw too. We will still be very proud of you! So please don’t let your fear of drawing keep you from coming.

If you are interested in improving your drawing skills, the Iconathon might just be a very good opportunity to do that while working with others & giving back to the common good.

Added by Chach Sikes on Fri, 07/15/2011

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