Iconathon Symbol Suite is Here

A little over two months ago we set off on a cross-country design tour with Code for America and hundreds of passionate volunteers with the goal to create new civic minded symbols for the public domain.  After countless hours of designing and refining from volunteers all over the country, we are proud to announce the Iconathon Symbol Suite is now available on The Noun Project.

The initial set contains 40 symbols within these topics: 311, Health & Nutrition, Democracy, Neighborhoods, Education, and Transportation.  Each symbol was conceived at one of the six Iconathon design charrettes and created with a “Design for Good” attitude.  The symbols are designed to work together as a set, each being the same size and having a consistent design aesthetic and line weight.

By placing these symbols into the public domain we hope they can be put to good use in your community and make a positive impact.  We hope teachers and schools can use the bully symbol to educate their students about the damaging and lasting effects of bullying.  We hope the food bank symbol can help guide the hungry and less fortunate to a nutritious meal.  We hope the peaceful protest symbol can be used by protestors around the world trying to fight for change and a better life.  Most of all though we hope these symbols can be used as an example of what can happen when you bring together volunteers who are passionate about their community.

We are still receiving symbols from our volunteers, and plan on continuing to add more civic symbols to this set over time.  We’re excited to see this collection grow year after year. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Iconathon events, hosted us, supported us, and helped us get the word out about this Design for Good endeavor.

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