Energy Efficiency Art Installation at Raleigh Convention Center


At the beginning of this year we hosted an Iconathon on Energy Efficiency sponsored by Cree, Inc.  Hosting this Iconathon workshop at Cree’s headquarters in Durham, N.C. was particularly fitting given that so much innovation in technologies that are helping to save energy, like LED lighting, is happening in the Research Triangle. Creating symbols for Energy Efficiency was the perfect opportunity to visually capture and share this cutting-edge innovation.

We’re excited to announce that the Raleigh Convention Center just opened a public art exhibit displaying larger-than-life versions of the Energy Efficiency symbols in the Convention Center connector, a high-traffic indoor pedestrian walkway.  The symbols represent various types of energy-saving technologies ranging from solar farms and sustainable energy to hybrid cars and LED lighting.

Our hope is that bringing these symbols into the public space will create a broader awareness and support for developing and expanding new energy saving technologies.  In the words of Cree’s CEO Charles Swoboda “The cleanest, cheapest energy is the energy we never use.”


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